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Woodstock Road Traffic Calming Lights Petition - Please Sign Up!

Thanks to those who have signed up, 52 signatures so far and we need more!  Please sign the electronic petition to send to the Parish Council by clicking on the link below, or you can use paper as I have also put a paper version in the village shop.  Please spread the word and encourage your neighbours to sign too. 

I will update the Parish Council for their 14 September meeting on the on-line petition and I will put an article in the next Slate to publicise this. 

Thanks for your support. Sue Corrigan.


Sustainable Stonesfield supports Sue and the petition. This development, the installation of lights, is a direct result of the new housing estates being built and planned.  It is another example of the views of villagers being ignored by those who are supposed to be safeguarding the places where we live.  There was a village referendum not long ago on the specific issue of street lights - The new lights, at the entrance to the village, are the thin end of the wedge!