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260 Houses and counting - time to do something!

The planning application for Woodstock Rd has been lodged with West Oxfordshire District Council. This is for 68 houses and follows hot on the heels of North Farm (16 houses). Sustainable Stonesfield is encouraging those who are concerned about these developments to comment and object to West Oxfordshire District Council. Blog entries below provide advice and support on how to do that. The deadline for responses to both planning applications is the 29th June.

The site plan for Woodstock Rd shows that the 68 houses are being built on just over half the site, so we can expect a ‘Phase 2’; the link roads are shown on the plans. ‘Phase 2’ is capable of adding a further 60 houses or more, increasing our tally to144 new homes.

It does not stop there. PYE Homes have proposed a further 17 houses on a ‘Phase 2’ for Charity Farm, the site is capable of taking around 70 houses in total, so we can expect a ‘Phase 3’ with a further 53 houses at some point. Our grand total becomes 214 houses.

At present there are 50 houses being built in the village, so Stonesfield may well have an additional 260-odd houses in the not-too-distant future. The impact is obvious, another 600 people living in our village, somewhere between 65 and 104 additional children at our school, a further 260 cars or more on our roads. All of these houses are being built on land that is part of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Once built upon the landscape is lost to us, our children and future generations.

In the consultation exercise that took place last December, we were told by West Oxfordshire District Council that Stonesfield would be having 50 houses on just one site on the Woodstock Road. If you believe our local authority should be held to account if they have let us down, if you feel that these changes are too much and happening too quickly for our little village, then help us gain some influence over the way Stonesfield changes in the years to come.

You can help by commenting and/or objecting to the planning applications that have been made. You can also help by providing a very visible measure of villagers’ views. You may have seen the ‘CALAmity’ banners at various points around the village. We also have placards on posts that you can display in your garden and we are distributing leaflets that can be placed in your windows, all with a similar message. To obtain a placard please contact us by email ASAP