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Sustainable Stonesfield

CALAmity! CALA Homes development, Woodstock Road

A planning application for the Woodstock Road site has now been published. If you are concerned about this development the deadline for comments and objections is Thursday 29 June.

This is the major development planned for Stonesfield by West Oxfordshire District Council who told us in the consultation exercise that 50 houses would be built on the entire site.

This application is for 68 houses but on just half the site identified by WODC in December 17. What will happen to the other half?

Study the site plan and you will see three roads ending at the hedge line. These are designed to provide access to the rest of the site which could take a further 60 houses in phase 2. So 128 houses will be built on a site when WODC told us 50! This is exactly the same sleight of hand that has taken place on Charity Farm, where Phase 2 has just been announced. We are well on the way to the 200 plus houses predicted By Sustainable Stonesfield in March.  The local authority is failing our village.

How to comment or object

You can comment or object in several ways, so please choose the option you feel most comfortable with.

1. You can write a letter to West Oxfordshire District Council and:

- post it to Head of Planning and Sustainable Communities, West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB or

- email it to:

- hand deliver it to West Oxfordshire District Council at any of the following addresses

Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB

Woodgreen - Council Offices, New Yatt Road, Witney, OX28 1NB

Town Centre Shop - 3 Welch Way, Witney, OX28 6JH

2. Or use the West Oxfordshire online Public Access system(opens in a new window) to find and comment on the planning application.

What shall I say?

In the 'Reference Documents' section of this web site we have provided a model letter  which could be used.

It can be copied and pasted directly into the ‘Your Comment’ box on the West Oxfordshire Planning web site ‘Make a Comment’ page, as it falls within the 6000 character limit.

Within the model letter we have listed all of the relevant reasons to comment or object upon. You can use the model letter in its entirety or edit it to fit the issues which concern you. If prefer to use your own words these two documents might help you do that.

We are very keen to raise the profile of concerns about the level of development planned for Stonesfield. Please let your neighbours and friends in the village know about Sustainable Stonesfield and encourage them to join us.

In addition, next week we will have placards available to promote the campaign. Can you have one in your garden? Respond to: and we’ll deliver one to you.