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West Oxfordshire District Council's Local Plan Review commences

The Government Inspector started the examination hearings into the WODC Local Plan 2031 this week.
Members of Sustainable Stonesfield have made representation on the legality of the Plan, development in the protected AONB, and site selection. The Inspector has already asked WODC planners to give the rationale and evidence for their site selection across the district and has specifically asked them to say why sites in Stonesfield that were categorised as 'unsuitable' for development in the 2014 SHELAA are now 'suitable'.
There's a long way to go, but there's a chance the number of houses permitted in the AONB may, just may, be reduced. In July there is a third stage to the examination process which will have a spot dedicated to Stonesfield. Sustainable Stonesfield will again make representations to the Inspector. Richard Morris

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