Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Sustainable Stonesfield

Liz Leffman Lib Dem parliamentary candidate supports Sustainable Stonesfield

“I fully support the aims of Sustainable Stonesfield. All over West Oxfordshire, we have seen the effect of not having a proper Local Plan in place. There have been numerous speculative planning applications for thousands of new homes across the area, many of them in places which, if the Local Plan had been approved, would not have been acceptable. This is particularly true of Stonesfield, were a disproportionate number of houses are being considered.

The fault in all of this lies not with local planners, but rather with a national planning framework that is not fit for purpose. The assumption is that the market will somehow solve our housing crisis. Unfortunately, that cannot happen because the provision of small, affordable houses is not an attractive prospect for commercial builders. As a result, our villages are being over-run with large, expensive groups of houses that young, local families cannot afford.

If I am elected as the MP for Witney, a priority for me will be to change this so that our villages are protected from speculative over-development, and local families are able to get the small, affordable homes they so badly need.”