Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Sustainable Stonesfield

Public Meeting in the Village Hall next Monday 27th March 7.30pm

Sustainable Stonesfield is not against development but we do want to ensure that whatever is planned is shaped by the views and needs of our village.

We have been working to understand the planning process, obtain an accurate picture of the level of likely development and understand the impact of that development on Stonesfield.  

The information that was put out for consultation by WODC in December 2016 appears to be very different from the picture we have developed and is now being issued by WODC. (after the consultation period has ended.)  Its up to you to judge whether you are happy with what is planned when you have heard the facts.

We have arranged a public meeting at 7.30 pm for this Monday 27 March at the village hall.

Stonesfield Parish Council will also be there and together we will share what we have learned, say more about what we are doing and listen to your views.

Please come to the meeting, encourage your friends and neighbours to come along and help us ensure that Stonesfield is developed in a way that protects the unique character and beauty of our village and meets the needs of those who live here.