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Last chance to comment or object to the 2nd phase of the PYE Homes development

Today - Thursday 10th August is the last chance to comment or object to the PYE HOMES PHASE 2 South of William Buckland Way (Charity Farm)

See previous posts for complete details on how to make your views known.


We have received the Landscape Assessment for the CALA Homes development on the Woodstock Rd.  You can read the assessment in its entirety by following this link Landscape Assessment Woodstock Road

A summary of the report is set out below:

The development is unacceptable and the application should be refused because: 

The proposals represent an incongruous, unnatural urbanisation of the countryside to the east of Stonesfield and there will be significant, irreversible changes and detrimental impact to the character and visual qualities of the AONB and the landscape.

The proposals fail to comply with national planning policy and West Oxfordshire's own policies designed to protect the countryside and the towns and villages within it.

The application fails to show the full extent of the visual impact of the development on the surrounding area. 

We will be submitting this report to West Oxfordshire's Planning Department as it offers overwhelming professionally based evidence in favour of refusing planning permission.

Your support is key

We cannot afford this level of professional input without your financial support.  We would like to commission a similar report for the second phase of the PYE Homes development, south of William Buckland Way.  If you have not contributed so far, please consider doing so now and join the many people who have already invested in our village now and for the future.   

How to make donations

Donations can be made using the Friends of Evenlode Valley’s 'MyDonate' page at:

When making donations please complete the Gift Aid section of the donations form if you are a UK tax payer.

In the Personalise Your Donation section please write SUSTO. This will enable us to earmark your donation specifically for Stonesfield projects.

PYE HOMES PHASE 2 South of William Buckland Way (Charity Farm)

Over 60 people objected to the Empire Homes development of 17 houses on Farley Lane.

Over 200 people objected to the CALA Homes development of 68 houses north of Woodstock Road.

Now we're asking you to comment or object again.

PYE homes, the developer for Charity Farm, want to build a second 'Phase' of 18 houses in addition to the 37 that are already being built. This might not seem to be many more houses, but the houses are creeping down the valley side and if this goes ahead there will be a Phase 3 – and another 60 houses, perhaps115 in total.

This is creeping development that must be stopped, that's why we need to you to write to WODC again.

You can see the full planning application on WODC's planning website, search for reference number 17/01966/FUL land south of William Buckland Way (the name of the road through the development).

How to comment or object

You can comment or object in several ways, so please choose the option you feel most comfortable with.

1.   You can write a letter to West Oxfordshire District Council and: 

post it to Head of Planning and Sustainable Communities, West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB or

email it to:

hand deliver it to West Oxfordshire District Council at any of the following addresses:

- Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB

- Woodgreen - Council Offices, New Yatt Road, Witney, OX28 1NB

- Town Centre Shop - 3 Welch Way, Witney, OX28 6JH or

2. Use the West Oxfordshire online Public Access system via this link

WODC must receive your comment or objection by Thursday 10 August.

What shall I say?

In the 'Reference Documents' section of this web site we have provided a model letter which could be used.

Model comment or objection letter

It can be copied and pasted directly into the ‘Your Comment’ box on the West Oxfordshire Planning web site ‘Make a Comment’ page, as it falls within the 6000 character limit.

Within the model letter we have listed all of the relevant reasons to comment or object upon. You can use the model letter in its entirety or edit it to fit the issues which concern you. If prefer to use your own words these two documents might help you do that.

Please forward this email to friends and neighbours and get them to comment and object too.

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