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The latest news and a new e-mail address

We’d like to thank you for the interest you’ve shown in how the village may change radically in the next few years due to unsustainable development.  This note is to keep you informed about the current position.

The Government Inspector will hear arguments for and against the WODC Local Plan 2031 in mid-May and again in July. A number of people from the village, who submitted comments during the consultation period last year, will be making representations to the Inspector on a range of issues affecting the village: the legal compliance of the Plan process, housing site selection within WODC, sustainable economic growth and impact on the environment.

 We are expecting formal planning applications to be submitted to WODC in the next few weeks for the development of 16 houses west of North Farm on Farley Lane, and 68 houses by CALA Homes off the Woodstock Road. When those applications are made public, we have just three weeks for people to send their comments to WODC. It’s important that the largest number of people make their opinions known to WODC – so we encourage everybody who is concerned to write on an individual basis.

Sustainable Stonesfield will help by offering a number of model responses that will be available to you to copy or use as reference material in the letters you write. We will put them on the village website, and send them to those you who have signed up to our mailing list.

As soon as the planning applications become public we will write to you again.

If you want to write to us, please use our new email address:

Richard Morris

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