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A big thank you to all who attended Sustainable Stonesfield meeting

A very big thank you to all of those who attended the Sustainble Stonesfield meeting last night, 27th March.  We hope that you will continue to support the group and help us ensure that the way Stonesfield develops meets the needs of the village and protects what makes our community and local environment so special.

If you would like to have more information or have a copy of the powerpoint presentation we gave then please go to our web site page Sustainable Stonesfield Under Reference Documents you will find succinct articles on various subjects.  Last night we had some handouts on two recent articles and ran out of copies.  These are well worth a read: 'When Enough is Enough' by Sue Roberts and 'Are affordable houses Affordable by Peter Jay.  Both are available on our web site.

Sue is from South Oxfordshire Sustainability and Peter from Woodstock Action Group.  Both are part of a coalition which Sustainable Stonesfield has joined called Need Not Greed  Need Not Greed Oxfordshire  

Their web site is well worth a visit.  We have found being a member of the coalition a very good source of analysis, fact and experience.

We estimate that well over 150 people attended the meeting last night.  We are very grateful to them for their support.  We would also like to thank Wendy Gould and the Parish Council and Richard Bishop our District Councillor for attending and sharing their views on the position.

If you would like to contact us, we have a dedicated e-mail address

Public Meeting in the Village Hall next Monday 27th March 7.30pm

Sustainable Stonesfield is not against development but we do want to ensure that whatever is planned is shaped by the views and needs of our village.

We have been working to understand the planning process, obtain an accurate picture of the level of likely development and understand the impact of that development on Stonesfield.  

The information that was put out for consultation by WODC in December 2016 appears to be very different from the picture we have developed and is now being issued by WODC. (after the consultation period has ended.)  Its up to you to judge whether you are happy with what is planned when you have heard the facts.

We have arranged a public meeting at 7.30 pm for this Monday 27 March at the village hall.

Stonesfield Parish Council will also be there and together we will share what we have learned, say more about what we are doing and listen to your views.

Please come to the meeting, encourage your friends and neighbours to come along and help us ensure that Stonesfield is developed in a way that protects the unique character and beauty of our village and meets the needs of those who live here.

200 houses in Stonesfield - we were wrong!

We have discovered that WODC told Thames Water that the allocation of new houses for Stonesfield is 248 (Thames Water Scoping Study Report November 2016). That, plus the 50 new houses already under construction, would increase the village population by 300 houses (46%) in just a few years.

What effect would that have on just one aspect of our village life: the school? The 50 houses currently being built will increase the school to capacity at 160 pupils. It will have to use two temporary classrooms that five years ago WODC condemned as unsuitable. If all the houses that are in the pipeline for permission were built, the number of children needing to attend would rise from 138 (current) to 266 or more. There are not enough classrooms, the kitchen won’t be able to produce the meals, the toilets will be inadequate, and drop-offs by car turn into a nightmare.

It would be good to hear from residents what you think might be the solution, especially as WODC have not shared these plans for our village, with the community here.

Please come to the public meeting at 7.30 pm on Monday 27 March at Stonesfield village hall to share information about the planning processes and offer your views on what sort of housing developments our village needs and wants.

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