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Do you want to see 200 new houses built in Stonesfield? Complete the questionnaire

West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) had their original 'Local Plan' rejected by the Government, partly because the plan did not propose to build enough houses in the next 14 years.  Bowing to this pressure WODC's new proposals increase the number of new houses to over 16000 across the whole District.  They include a new site in Stonesfield on the North side of the Woodstock Road, for 50 new houses. 

A consultation process was held of which many of us were unaware until the last few days just before Christmas.  What the information given as part of this exercise did not say was that there was a very real possibility that the total number of new houses built in the village might reach 200.  There are no plans to improve our services, roads, schools and infrastructure. 

A group of Stonesfield residents are very concerned about expansion of the village on this scale. They met in January and agreed that there is a need for full details to be made available to every household and a way for villagers to make their views known.  A working party, Chair Richard Morris, Jim Astle, Caroline Friend, Jon Gordon, Alan Kendall, David Lines, Philippa Lowe and Graham Rutson has developed a leaflet and questionnaire which will be delivered to every household in early February.  There will be an article in February's Slate and a range of background documents has been developed to provide an overview of the position.

This web site is part of that work and contains copies of all these documents.  The questionnaire can be downloaded from the web site and used to make your views known.  You can send the completed questionnaire electronically to or print off a copy and deliver it to the village shop or library.

We will add new information and details of our progress in the weeks and months ahead and look forward to receiving your views. 

If you would like to receive regular updates by e-mail or join the group to help protect our village, please contact us.   

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