Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Parish Council produces welcome pack for new Stonesfield residents

On behalf of the Parish Council - and designed for the significant number of new residents expected as a result of local housing developments - Bob Lawrence has produced a Stonesfield Welcome Pack as a handy introduction for new people coming to live in Stonesfield.

(nb Bob is now working on an update so has asked this version to be withdrawn fro public view).

“We hope that the information contained in this Welcome Pack will help, particularly the new residents coming to live in Stonesfield to settle more comfortably in their new home and the village”, said Bob.

The guide includes information designed to help new residents settle more comfortably in their new homes and the village. It is planned to be updated on a regular basis so please use the
contact form to advise Bob of any amendments as required.
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