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The Stonesfield Village Plan Survey is your chance to influence the future of the Stonesfield Community.

Parish Councillor Geraldine Lawrence has written a letter in June’s Slate as an introduction in which she says:

There are two main purposes of the questionnaire. The first is to enable all members of the Community of Stonesfield to guide the Steering Group during the next stage of the planning process which is to rank the suggested issues and projects for Stonesfield in order of priority. These have already been identified through the previous stages of the Community Planning process ( the initial questionnaire, the well attended launch of the plan which filled the village hall and the interviews with all sections and groups within Stonesfield).
The second purpose of the questionnaire is to demonstrate to funding bodies that future requests for funding projects are supported by as many people living in Stonesfield as possible. Bids from those villages achieving high questionnaire returns are more likely to be supported. While Stonesfield is able to show that people from about half of the homes in Stonesfield have participated in the identification of issues only a good return from the questionnaire will indicate the importance given by the community to each issue and the extent to which the views are shared. We hope you will complete and return the questionnaire.

As an additional incentive, there are three prizes of £50 (chosen at random, presumably) for completed returned forms online or for the paper version that has been distributed door-to-door in the village.

For further details and background see cover letter details with introduction by Sue Corrigan of the Stonesfield Community Plan Steering Group.

To take part in the village survey on behalf of your household please enter your answers by following this link....

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