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Village Survey complete - Report Outcomes from Questionnaire

The results of the Stonesfield Village survey are now complete and the final report can now be downloaded from this site for anyone to read and study.

From the introduction:

At a meeting in the summer of 2011 Stonesfield Parish Council decided to initiate a Community Plan in partnership with the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council, (OCC) and West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC). An important part of the planning process involved various stages of consultation culminating in a report guided through a questionnaire, which enabled all members of the Community of Stonesfield to give their views on what features of the village were important to them, and their thoughts on what could be improved. The questionnaire also allowed them to identify the priority they gave to each issue. This report was to provide important information to assist the completion of the Stonesfield Community Plan.The report was commissioned in December 2011. It was to be conducted by Peter Clifton devising the questionnaire on both paper and online. The questions posed were to be created by consultation with villagers, and three focus groups conducted with working mothers of young children, working males and teenagers. All the leaders of village groups and institutions were to be approached for input.

MASTER COLUR 68 Stonesfield Community Survey Report 2012.pdf
Three separate focus groups were conducted, with four working mothers of young children; five adult working males; and nine teenagers.
Street interviews were conducted with travellers at bus stops at 7 am in winter and with people walking in the dark on a weekday evening between 6.30 and 8.30 pm.

The questionnaire was delivered to every home in Stonesfield and that everyone in the village was given the opportunity to complete it and express their views on the many issues identified.

A group of eight volunteers inputted the results of 432 questionnaires during August and September.

The results can now be seen by downloading the final report by clicking on the image of the from cover or from here.
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