Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Sustainable Stonesfield launched with gusto at the Village Hall

Twenty-two people attended the first meeting of SUSTO at the Village Hall last night, including representatives of diverse local groups and a cross-section of local residents, several actually workingin the sustainability sector.

Guests included Peter Lefort - Project Officer for Oxfordshire Community Action Group, and Colin Carritt of Sustainable Woodstock.

The meeting kicked off with a, rather US-centric, film The Story of Stuff, but the discussion led by Ros Hughes, was determinedly local.

Encouraging things happening already included news of a biomass boiler planned for the school, and locally produced food is to be delivered by Callow Farm...

A full write up is promised by Ros Hughes, but the draft group aim was presented as:

The Community Action Group known as Sustainable Stonesfield (SUSTO) aims to raise awareness of the effects of Climate Change, to support and promote Community action and education that addresses these effects with sustainable solutions and, by sharing information and activities with similar Groups, to create a sustainable future.

The next meeting is set for 6 September, at 7:30pm in the White Horse to discuss actions, with one of the first planned events likely to be a Swap Shop.
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