Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Current Location of the "Stonesfield Mosaic"?

Stonesfield Roman Villa
An enquiry from visitors coming on a walking tour from USA next year who are keen in archaeology raises the question, ‘where is the current location of the Stonesfield Mosaic?’.

A quick search seems to reveal the Bacchus Mosaic discovered at the Roman Villa in the 18th Century was destroyed by farming in the 19th Century. No fragments are known to exist.

Does anyone know better?

Update: 'A History of Oxfordshire' by Mary Jessop in the library states, on page 24, that "At Stonesfield the 4th-century villa had very elegant pavements. One, depicting Bacchus and the panther, was found in 1712 during the course of ploughing, but arguments between the landlord and tenant of the site about sharing the profits of showing it to the public led to its destruction by the tenant who 'maliciously tore it to peices'. In 1779-80 two geometric pavements were exposed, but at the time of the enclosure in the 19th century the site was divided between three proprietors and the pavenment were gradually destroyed by ploughing'.

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