Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Snow Warning

Firstly thank you for your patience when we were unable to open last week.  We have managed to open today, thanks to all of you who valiantly cleared snow in the playground on Sunday, and to Beth Binnian, Teresa Langley, Ali Saville and Susan Stansfield for being around this morning until the teachers were able to get in, and to Roy Turner and Dave Holloway who heroically collected staff by 4wd from Charlbury and The Duke of Marlborough pub this morning.  Even so some of the teachers had terrible journeys taking up to three hours to get here.  Thanks also for the loan of all the electric heaters to heat the terrapin building.  We think the severe cold has affected the gas cylinder valves, so we have had to turn the whole thing off until an engineer can get out to us (maybe tomorrow ...). At the moment, the weather forecast continues to be bad for most of the week with heavy snow due Tuesday night.  We will endeavour to stay open all week, using our local Teaching Assistants and volunteer teachers to hold the fort if our teachers cannot make it in on Wednesday.  North Leigh are expecting to be able to supply hot dinners as normal tomorrow (Tuesday), but if we get the heavy snow during Tuesday night please send all children with packed lunches on Wednesday.  Lynn will credit all hot dinners missed because of the snow in due course.
Our experience last week taught us that the Oxfordshire server could not cope with capacity with peak numbers trying to get online, so in future I will also post closure information on the Stonesfield village website and two more radio stations as follows: or the county council website: Radio Oxford: VHF/FM 95.2 Jack FM: VHF/FM 106.8     HEART FM: VHF/FM 102.6 and 97.4 Please note that we will postpone the start of all after school clubs until next week (w.c. 18.1.10).  Also, although we had to cancel the Y6 trip to the British Museum, we have bought the exhibition DVD and booked an Aztec trail at the Pitt River museum for later this term.  Parents will be credited the difference between the cost of the two trips in due course.  Our Big Tidy Up seems doomed; this had been rescheduled to 15.1.10 but we have decided to postpone – perhaps until March?! Please make sure all children wear waterproof shoes or boots to school and have hats, coats and gloves.  We are letting them go out to play on the back field only if they are suitably attired, but at lunchtime we are offering board games in the hall as an alternative to those who, like me, have had enough of snow!  Best wishes
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