Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Representations to object to Stonesfield Library closure

John Simpson of the Parish Council has asked for views to the proposed closure of Stonesfield Library.

“Please help your Parish council to prevent the closure of our library by notifying any objections before 10 February 2011.”

He lists a phone number (891571) so may only accept verbal representations....

The County Librarian Caroline Taylor is “formally consulting” on the proposed closure and is accepting comments at - or by post to Oxfordshire Libraries, Community Services, Holton, Oxford, OX33 1QQ.

Her letter, outlining the proposals is published on the Stonesfield Library Page.

It is suggested that representations are also made to the local County Councilor (Charlbuy Division) to Neil Owen - 01993 830875 - as well as Judith Heathcoat (Cabinet Member responsible for Library Services) 01367 241468,

Please also add your own views on the comments as well as the forum.
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