Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Round up of questions to the webmaster

With the relaunch, and the recent mention in The Slate, I'm getting quite a few odd questions from locals and non-locals that I can't answer.

So it seems like the site is working as a forum for information for visitors and those seeking general information. I hope readers can help with any of the following questions; please make any comments in the Comment field to this post!

  • The Orchard Children's Centre wants to know if it's possible for someone on benefits to receive a grant to purchase a bicycle to get them mobile. “We were wondering if there are any community or parish grants that we can apply for on their behalf.”
  • M. Macpherson asks “Is there any type of accommodation available in or around the village?”
  • Fred Montague asks “I would be grateful if you could help me. I am researching the family history of someone locally (Winchester)and his ancestor William Bishop is shown in the 1871 census as being born is Stonesfield, Oxfordshire and, at the age of 4 years was living with people called Tidmarsh in Stonsfield. When I try to find details of his birth from freebmd (so I can find his parents), I come up with someone called William Francis Bishop, born in the Registration District of Bradfield, but when I check the area covered by Bradfield Registration District I find no reference to Stonesfield. My question is; What Registration District is Stonesfield in?”
  • Jeanie Patterson (nee Haynes) asks “Can you help.Does any one know my cousin Jackie Fuller last known address 20 Longore.I would like to make contact with her.”

Any answers appreciated! Please click 'Comments' below.
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