Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

BT Race to Infinity - Stonesfield currently only has 18 votes!

Stonesfield to infiniy

BT is holding a competition to encourage takeup of their next generation of broadband.

Currently less than 2% of potential voters has voted for faster internet access speeds in Stonesfield. You can vote at to help make sure Stonesfield doesn’t get left behind!

From their site:

Over the next five years BT is rolling out superfast fibre optic broadband across the UK. If you're not on the announced roll out plan The Race to Infinity gives you the opportunity to fast track your area to get BT Infinity next.The five areas with the largest percentage of votes by December 31st 2010 will win the chance to bring superfast broadband to their area. BT will also donate £5,000 of computer equipment to a local community project.Whether you're big on social networking, gaming, streaming, uploading or downloading, prepare to have your life transformed with superfast speeds.To vote simply go to 'VOTE NOW' and enter your details. Don't forget to pass it on to your friends on Facebook and Twitter to get your area to the top of the scoreboard.

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