Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Welcome to the redesigned site!

Hello Stonesfield, and an introduction to the new site...

With help from the previous web master David Perkins, and kind encouragement from others, I've redesigned and hopefully revived this website for residents and visitors of Stonesfield.

My name's Tim Watt (you can see my web site linked at the bottom of the page) and I've recently moved to the village.

The site contains most of the same content as before, re-jigged just a little, in order to continue as a resource for everyone. I may put back the 'forum' if there's a demand at a later stage and I'm incorporating similar capabilities as before for interested parties to update parts of the site themselves, direct from any computer via a web browser.

So, feel free to comment and send me your news and notices that you'd like me to share!
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