Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Who do we think we are? 2011 census data as a base record for discussions about future development of Stonesfield

Bob Lawrence has presented a summary of the official Census findings for the 644 households and 1580 population within the parish of Stonesfield as recorded back in 2011 (the most recent national census).

The document "Who do we think we are" was produced by Bob Lawrence in 2012 to support the Stonesfield Community Plan, to present and provide context for the vast array of data available, the headings for which are summarised by Bob in the graphic below. Some of these datasets are compared with previous records, and added historical context so as to describe the evolution of our village.
According to Bob. "Now in
2017 it (the document) provides a base from which the development of Stonesfield can be measured now and into the future".

(nb Bob Lawrence is working on an update of the survey so no longer wishes this version to be accessed).

Unfortunately the pdf download isn't produced in an accessible format for extraction and use for other purposes, but no matter as the source datasets are all available from the Office of National Statistics covering 192 datasets from the 2011 Census for the Stonesfield (Parish) Area.
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