Stonesfield ~ Oxfordshire
Historic Cotswold Village

Stonesfield Village Fete and Summer Show, 26 June, Midday-3pm, School Field

Although a slightly unconventional time of year for a produce show, we thought we would give it a try! Entry this year is 20p; prizes will take the form of certificates. The show is open to amateurs resident in Stonesfield. Please deliver entries on the day of the Fete to the Show tent on the school field between 9 am and 10.15 am. You will need to fill in an entry form when you deliver your entries. We will provide paper plates on the day for Baking, Eggs, Fruit, and Vegetable categories. For relevant Children’s, Handicraft, and Photography entries please label on reverse with name, and category number. Late entries won’t be accepted as judging will take place between 10.30-11.30. Winners will be announced shortly after the opening of the Fete.

Children’s Categories
Preschool – best butterfly painting
Reception – ‘My friend’ picture
Years 1-2 – picture of Megalosaurus
Years 3-4 River Evenlode at Stonesfield
Years 5-6 River Evenlode at Stonesfield
Monster made from recycled materials (Reception; Years 1-2;3-4;5-6)
Miniature Garden (in tray approx 20 cm x 30 cm; ages 6-8; 9-11)
Gingerbread man (Reception; Years1-2;3-4)

Lemon Curd
Strawberry Jam

Three white
Three brown
Three (mix)

D. Baking
4 plain scones
4 shortbread biscuits (plain shortbread only please)
Chocolate cake (men only!)
Victoria sandwich (4 egg recipe, strawberry jam, no cream)

E. Flowers
3 rose blooms (any variety)
6 sweetpeas
Vase of mixed cut garden flowers
Floral arrangement in a teacup

F. Handicraft
Jewellery (under 16)
Jewellery (open)
Knitted article (under 16)
Knitted article (open)
Handmade greeting card (6” by 8&rdquoWinking

G. Photography
Stonesfield (Under 11;Under 16; everyone)
Local wildlife

H. Vegetables
Radishes, 4, any variety
Whole lettuce, any variety
Salad leaves, 4 varieties
Wet garlic, 1 trimmed bulb
Spring onions, 4

I. Fruit
Strawberries, 4
Raspberries, 6
Blackcurrants, a sprig
Redcurrants, a sprig
Gooseberries, 4
Blueberries, 4
Rhubarb, 3 sticks, trimmed

Clare Bebber,
Jess Ward 898555
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